I'm not too sure if I can call it a premonition? But the title of my last picture post seems to suggest it rather obviously that maybe it's time I should end my blogspot. I'm getting more frustrated with each failure in uploading my drawing. The feeling of incapability to do anything is just too much for me. Unable to share my drawing simply makes me feel handicapped. And so, I’ve decided to shift my attention to other platform. To all my friends, you are most welcomed to KF’s Drawing Room over at wordpress. I might need some time to get accustomed to the new platform, so please be patient with me.



Is it just me or everyone is facing the same problem? I can't upload any picture onto my blog since last night...

Keeping my fingers crossed.




Today is the last day of the short term break; our campus will be back to its usual buzz and bustle very soon, like an orchestra of noise that goes haywire, as if the recent extremely hot weather is not torturing enough. How I’m going to miss the peace and serenity that filled every little corner of the campus in the past 2 weeks, with rays of morning sun quietly sieving through branches and leaves, caressing the emerald lawns where not a single soul of rowdy, unappreciative and insensitive teens is to be seen but only tiny grasshoppers and one or two occasional squirrels. I can forget about smooth traffic on my way to office, relaxing breakfast over a morning paper in the spacious canteen, and a library that is like a library.

PS: I can't help but keep wandering, is my stats counter painting a true picture? Are there really so many visitors hitting my blog everyday? Whoever you are, I hope whatever I've posted up here have done its part in making your day. Thanks for dropping by.



This picture was not drawn especially for what I'm going to write or for him. As a matter of fact, I've done it weeks ago as a trail piece with no intention to post or share, the roughness and sketchiness says it quite obviously. It is all pure coincident that I find it a suitable illustration to complement my thoughts at this moment. The dancing moves, the huge moon, the larger-than –life look and the background of a fairytale land, though at time of drawing I’d no story to it, but now it all seem to reflect that particular figure that created his Never-land. I’m never a frantic fan of his, not even an ordinary one. Of course, I’m aware of his existence and have heard of his songs and seen his dancing on MTV. Who doesn’t? The news of MJ’s death which I heard this morning did not shock me that much, instead it brought about a tinge of sadness for to me, it spells the gradual end of a generation, the generation that grew up in the 70s and 80s. It’s an indication that another piece of our youth is gone forever, vanished into the thin air, never to be retrieved. How much time have we left? Once we thought we had plenty, in fact we used to have so much of it that time was never an issue at all. But now, it seems time can just end anytime on us, we are no longer at the beginning of our journey, how much further will we go or can we travel, no one knows. Only time will decide.




Waltz in the woods
In a late summer
In soft silence


ps: By the time I'm at Cambridge, I'll be experiencing the very first autumn in my life. On a golden meadow, under fallen leaves, while squirrels hurry among the woods collecting nuts for winter, I shall dance a one-man waltz.